Saving your customizations 

Before updating or migrating, back up or make notes of your customizations.

The update or migration process changes several configuration files, including files that you might have customized. Customized files can include header and footer HTML files, CSS and JSP files, themes, and several other files that are listed in this topic.

Maintaining IBM Connections customizations

Your customizations to the IBM Connections application files are not preserved by the migration tool (the lc-export and lc-import commands). Ensure that you reapply your customizations after migration.

If you are using IBM Connections Connectors, such as Lotus Quickr or Confluence, you will have to re-install them after migration. Similarly, if you defined a server whitelist for publishing file attachments from Activities to Lotus Quickr, back it up before migration. You will need to re-define it manually after migration.

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