Deployment options 

Install IBM Connections in a network deployment to achieve optimum scaling, load balancing, and failover.

In contrast with earlier releases of IBM Connections, you can install release 3.0 only in a network deployment. This deployment type is the best solution for ease of deployment, maintenance, scalability, failover, and performance.

A network deployment can consist of a single server with all applications installed, or two or more sets of servers that are grouped to share the workload. You must also configure an additional system with WAS Network dmgr, which enables you to build, manage, and tune the clustered servers.

A network deployment provides the administrator with a central management facility, and it ensures that users have constant access to data. It balances the workload between servers, improves server performance, and facilitates the maintenance of performance when the number of users increases. The added reliability also requires a larger number of systems and the experienced administrative personnel who can manage them.

In Figure 1, the dmgr controls a cluster of IBM Connections applications. This deployment type means that one or more HTTP servers can distribute the load between two or more nodes. To balance the load of the HTTP servers, you can use IBM WebSphere Edge components, which are included as part of IBM WAS Network Deployment.

Figure 1. A sample network topology

Network topology

When you are installing IBM Connections, you have three deployment options:

Small deployment

Medium deployment

Large deployment


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