IBM Tivoli Composite Application Manager for Application Diagnostics, Version

Selected Request attributes

The Selected Request attribute group provides detailed information about transactions' requests for database (that is, JDBC), messaging (that is, JMS), or EIS (that is, J2C) services.

The attributes within this group are used to build these workspaces:

The attributes within this attribute group contain meaningful values only if your site has set the request data monitoring level to Level2 to collect data on nested requests.

Activity Category

The type of request. Valid values are n/a (not applicable), JDBC, JMS, JCA, and Unknown.

Activity Detail

Detailed information about the activity performed by the selected request, for example, the SQL statement being processed. Alphanumeric string.

Activity Label

An abbreviated version of Activity Name, used to display the activity name in the chart view. Alphanumeric string. Maximum2 characters.

Activity Name

The resource that the request is accessing, for example, the data source name. Alphanumeric string.

Activity Type

The type of the resource being requested. Valid values are:

Activity types

Type Definition
n/a not applicable
Servlet A call to a servlet's doGet or doPost methods
EJB_Method_Call A call to a business method for an EJB class
Obtain_SQL_Connection_from_Datasource A call to obtain a connection from a JDBC data source
SQL_Query A Query request to a JDBC data source
SQL_Update An Update request to a JDBC data source
SQL_Other Any other request to a JDBC data source
JMS_Message_Browse A call to browse a message from a JMS queue
JMS_Message_Get A call to receive a message from a JMS queue (that is, a destructive get)
JMS_Message_Put A call to put a message from a JMS queue
JMS_Publish_Message A call to publish a publication to a JMS queue
JCA_CCI_Execute_interaction A request by a J2EE application to execute a JCA interaction (a JDBC, JMS, or other JCA-supported operation) against a backend system
JNDI_Lookup A call to JNDI to build an InitialContext or to perform a lookup
Unknown The activity type cannot be determined
Portlet_Processing A call for portlet processing request
Portlet_Authorization A call for portlet authorization request
Portal_Authentication A call for portal authentication request
Portal_Model_Building A call for portal page model building request
Portal_Page_Loading A call for portal page loading request
Portal_Page_Rendering A call for portal page rendering request
Portal_Legacy_Action A call for portal legacy action request
Portal_Standard_Action A call for portal standard action (JSR-88) request


The identifier (decimal) assigned to the address space running this servant region.

Average Response (ms)

The average time (in milliseconds) executing this request, per occurrence. Format is decimal (formatted to 1 decimal place).

Delay (%)

The percentage of execution time this activity consumed on average when processing this request. Format is decimal (formatted to 1 decimal place).

Interval (sec)

The length (in seconds) of the interval. Format is positive integer.

Longest Response (ms)

The worst-case response time (in milliseconds) experienced by this request. Format is positive integer.

Node Name

The name of the system on which the server is running. Alphanumeric string.


The number of times this request was executing during the interval. Format is positive integer.

Origin Node

The name of the application server subnode. Alphanumeric string.

Process ID

The unique identifier of the JVM process (the class ID of the JVM). Format is positive integer.

Request Detail

The URI for servlet requests, or the method name for EJBs. Alphanumeric string.

Request Name

The URL for servlet requests, or the fully qualified class name for EJBs. Alphanumeric string.

Request Type

The type of transaction being run. Valid values are Servlet, EJB_Method, Custom, All_Workloads, Unknown, and Portlet.

Sample Date and Time

The date and time the Tivoli Enterprise Management Agent collected the data. The valid format is a 12-character timestamp. For the STR and SCAN functions, the format is MM/DD/YY HH:MM:SS; the following table shows the values contained in this character string:

Format of the 12-character timestamp

Character String Meaning
MM Month
DD Day
YY Year
HH Hour
MM Minute
SS Second

Example: 09/13/06 18:32:03 indicates the data was collected on September 13, 2006, at 18:32:03.

This attribute was designed for logging and reporting data-collection times rather than for creating situations. To specify a time and date for comparison and testing, use attributes from the Universal Time or Local Time groups.

Sampling Rate (%)

The percentage of edge requests-such as servlets and JSPs-that were sampled for nested requests during the interval. Format is positive integer.

Server Name

The name of the WebSphere application server. Alphanumeric string.


Indicates that this row is a summary row of statistical totals for all rows.

Total Time (ms)

The total CPU time (in milliseconds) consumed by this request. Format is positive integer.

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