IBM Tivoli Composite Application Manager for Application Diagnostics, Version

View the Trace Report

The Trace report allows you to drill down into the method flow of a selected request from the Detail report, in terms of the method/component entry and exit events. Each trace report provides the following options, Nesting Summary, Drilldown View, Flow View, and Search tabs to view method trace data in different formats.

View the trace report:

  1. Create a report.

  2. View the report.

  3. Access the Trend report and click any part of the graph/chart to go to the Decomposition report.

  4. From the Decomposition report, drill down into the detail report.

  5. The Detail report, Detail tab, click Request/Transaction Name, drill down into the trace report.

  6. Inside the Trace report, there are four tabs: Nesting Summary, Drilldown View, Flow View, and Search.

    • The Nesting Summary tab provides information about the top 10 slowest components. It also provides the total number of calls, the average response time, and the average CPU time for each component in the selected request.

    • The Drilldown tab provides information about method trace at each level.

    • The Flow View tab provides the complete method flow of the selected request.

    • The Search tab allows you to specify any of the following types, together with a numeric threshold (or a string) and presents a list of events from the method trace whose metrics cross the threshold (or match the string). The Event Type and Event Data searches are case sensitive.

      • Elapsed Time

      • CPU Time

      • Delta Elapsed Time

      • Delta CPU Time

      • Event Type

      • Event Data

      • Total Acquisition Time

      Trace report is available for Request/Transaction report, Lock Analysis report, and Portal report.

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