IBM Tivoli Composite Application Manager for Application Diagnostics, Version

View a Composite Stack Trace - In-flight Request Search

The Composite Stack Trace page displays the stack traces of each server involved in the composite transaction that are actively processing their request/transaction.

The Composite Stack Trace is primarily useful for debugging composite transactions that are  hanging, since there is no stack trace data available if a composite transaction has completed by the time you access it.  

View a Composite Stack Trace:

  1. From the top navigation, click...

  2. To view the Composite Method Trace for a request/transaction that is participating in a composite transaction, click that request/transaction composite transaction indicator. The Composite Method Trace page for that composite transaction opens.

  3. Click Composite Stack Trace in the left navigation pane.

  4. The Composite Stack Trace page opens and displays the stack traces of the servers that are actively executing participating requests/transactions.

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