IBM Tivoli Composite Application Manager for Application Diagnostics, Version

Custom MBeans

You can include MBeans to be rendered on the System resource page on the Managing Server Visualization Engine. You can add new entries or use the lookup server drop down menu to query existing beans and select attributes.

  1. In the DC Profiles Menu, click Custom MBeans to display the Profile Custom MBean page.

  2. T manually add Custom MBeans to the Managing Server.

  3. Domain: Type the Domain name.

  4. Object Name; Type the MBean Object Name.

  5. Category: Type the unique Category Name (used by ITCAM).

  6. Select the Retrieve all Attributes check box if you want to add all attributes associated with the MBean.

  7. Attribute Name: Type the name of the attribute.

  8. Mapped Key Name: Type the unique key string to map the attribute (used by ITCAM).

  9. Object Name Pattern: Type the MBean pattern to search in the form.

  10. Click Add to add the MBean to the list.

To add MBeans from the Look up Server drop-down menu use the following steps:

  1. From the Look up Server drop-down menu, select the application server.

  2. From the Select MBean drop-down menu, select the MBean you want to add.

  3. From the Select Attributes drop-down menu, select the attribute you want to add.

  4. Click Apply to add the Custom MBeans to the list.

  5. From the Custom MBeans list, select the check boxes for the Custom MBeans you want to add to the data collector profile.

  6. Click Apply then click Save.

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