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Deprecated feature: The partitioning facility (WPF) feature is deprecated. You can configure partitioning with WebSphere eXtreme Scale.

Partitioning facility examples

Description of partitioning facility (WPF) samples

Sample Description
WPFKeyBasedPartitionSample.ear Uses a partition scheme based upon specific database keys. This partitioned Java™ 2 Platform Enterprise Edition (J2EE) application example is used earlier in this document. Restriction: This client cannot be installed in the same cluster as the WPFFacadePartitionSample.ear file because of the current restriction that partition names must be unique in the cluster.
WPFHashBasedPartitionSample.ear Uses a mapping approach to map many incoming items to a set of partitions through hashing.
WPFHybridBasedPartitionSample.ear Combines an integrated key-based and hashed-based example.
WPFFacadePartitionSample.ear Uses a session bean façade with the intent that the PSSB routing is done on the server side. This approach is the optimal way, in terms of performance, to use partition based routing, as all the routing work is done within the server infrastructure versus the client. Restriction: This client cannot be installed in the same cluster as the WPFKeyBasedPartitionSample.ear file because the current restriction that partitions names must be unique in the cluster.
ProxyDSAccountSample.ear Combines the partitioning facility's partition functionality with datasource proxy functionality.
httpwpfsample.ear Includes sample servlet that leverages the servlet API.
WPFPartitionAliasSample.ear This example demonstrates how to use partition alias as another context to do partition routing. Each partition has an alias that can also be used to reach this partition.
WPFPartitionGroupingSample.ear This example demonstrates how to group several partitions together to make weight-proportional routing among partitions in a group.
WPFMixedPartitionSample.ear This example demonstrates that some partitions have a partition alias while other partitions do not have a partition alias in the same application. Use partition alias routing and non-partition alias routing in the mixed mode.

The deployed versions have a D_ prefix, and administrator's can use these versions to experiment with. The programming staff can use those versions without the D_ prefix, because the source code is included. In addition, both versions have a readme document that can be used to experiment with the sample.

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