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Set up a stand-alone development environment

Configure an Eclipse-based integrated development environment to build and run a Java SE application with the stand-alone version of WebSphere eXtreme Scale.

Before you begin

Install the WXS product into a new or empty directory and apply the latest WXS cumulative fix pack. You can also use the WXS trial version by unzipping the zip file.

Configure Eclipse to build and run a Java SE application with WXS

  1. Define a user library to allow the application to reference WXS application programming interfaces.

    1. In the Eclipse or IBM Rational Application Developer environment, click...

      Window | Preferences | Java | Build Path branch | User Libraries | New | eXtreme Scale user library | Add JARs

    2. Browse and select the objectgrid.jar or ogclient.jar files from...


      Click OK. Select the ogclient.jar file if you are developing client applications or local, in-memory caches. If you are developing and testing WXS servers, use the objectgrid.jar file.

    3. To include Javadoc for the ObjectGrid APIs, select the Javadoc location for the objectgrid.jar or ogclient.jar file that you added in the previous step.

      Click Edit. In the Javadoc location path box, type the following web address:

    4. Click OK to apply the settings and close the Preferences window.

    The WXS libraries are now in the build path for the project.

  2. Add the user library to the Java project.

    1. From the package explorer, right-click the project and select...

      Properties | Libraries tab | Add Library | User Library | Next | WXS user library configured earlier | OK

Run a Java SE application with WXS with Eclipse

Create a run configuration to execute the application.

  1. Configure Eclipse to build and run a Java SE application with WXS.

    From the Run menu select...

    Run Configurations | Java Application category (right-click) | New | New_Configuration

  2. Configure the profile.

    Project main tabbed page your_project_name
    Main Class main tabbed page your_main_class
    VM arguments arguments tabbed page -Djava.endorsed.dirs=wxs_root/lib/endorsed

    Problems with the VM Arguments often occur because the path to java.endorsed.dirs must be an absolute path with no variables or shortcuts.

    Other common setup problems involve the Object Request Broker (ORB). You might see the following error.

    Caused by: java.lang.RuntimeException: The ORB that comes with the Sun Java implementation does not work with ObjectGrid at this time.

    If you do not have the objectGrid.xml or deployment.xml accessible to the application, you might see the following error:

    Exception in thread "P=211046:O=0:CT"
                    ObjectGridRuntimeException: Cannot start OG container at
                    Client.startTestServer( at Client.
                    main( Caused by: java.lang.IllegalArgumentException:
                    The objectGridXML must not be null    at
                  ( at Client.startTestServer(Client.
                    java:154) .. 1 more

  3. Click Apply and close the window, or click Run.

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