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Visual Studio 2008 WCF client with REST data service

The eXtreme Scale REST data service getting started sample includes a WCF Data Services client that can interact with the eXtreme Scale REST data service. The sample is written as a command-line application in C#.

Software requirements

The WCF Data Services C# sample client requires the following:

Accept and running the getting started client

The WCF Data Services sample client includes a Visual Studio 2008 project and solution and the source code for running the sample. The sample must be loaded into Visual Studio 2008 and compiled into a Windows runnable program before it can be run. To build and run the sample, see the text document: restservice_home/gettingstarted/VS2008_README.txt.

WCF Data Services C# client command syntax

[Windows] WXSRESTGettingStarted.exe <service URL> <command>

The <service URL> is the URL of the eXtreme Scale REST data service configured in section .

The following commands are available:

The following examples illustrate various commands.

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REST data services sample and tutorial

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