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Install the REST data service

This topic describes how to install the WebSphere eXtreme Scale REST data service into a Web server.

Before you begin

Software requirements

TheeXtreme Scale REST data service is a Java™ Web application that can be deployed to any application server that supports Java servlet specification, v2.3 and a Java runtime environment, Version 5 or later.

The following software is required:

The eXtreme Scale REST data service includes a single WAR file wxsrestservice.war. The wxsrestservice.war file includes a single servlet that acts as a gateway between the WCF Data Services client applications or any other HTTP REST client and an eXtreme Scale grid.

The REST data service includes a sample that allows you to quickly create an eXtreme Scale grid and interact with it using an eXtreme Scale client or the REST data service. See REST data services sample and tutorial for details on using the sample.

When eXtreme Scale 7.1 is installed or the eXtreme Scale Version 7.1 trial is extracted, the following directories and files are included:


Package and deploy the REST data service.

The REST data service is designed as a self-contained WAR module. To configure the REST data service, first package the REST data service configuration and optional eXtreme Scale configuration files into a JAR file or directory. This application packaging is then referenced by the web container server runtime. The following diagram illustrates files used by the eXtreme Scale REST data service.

Figure 1. WebSphere eXtreme Scale REST Data Service Files

WebSphere eXtreme Scale REST Data Service Files

The REST service configuration JAR or directory must contain the following file: The file includes the configuration options for the REST data service. This includes the catalog service endpoints, ObjectGrid names to expose, trace options and more. See REST data service properties file.

The following ObjectGrid client files are optional:

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Configure the REST data service

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