Managing keys with the ikeyman graphical interface (Distributed systems)



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Use ikeyman to create...

If we act as our own CA, you can use ikeyman to create self-signed certificates. If we act as our own CA for a private Web network, use server CA utilities to generate and issue signed certificates.

To generate debug information...

/IBM/IHS/bin/ikeyman -x

Global Security Kit (GSKit) certificate management tools are installed in...


...and include...

For Linux ensure that the required compat-libstdc++ package exists for your operating system architecture.

For more information see the iKeyman User Guide



Set your system environment for using ikeyman
Start the Key Management utility user interface
Work with key databases
Change the database password
Create a new key pair and certificate request
Import and export keys
List certificate authorities
Certificate expiration dates
Create a self-signed certificate
Receive a signed certificate from a certificate authority
Display default keys and certificate authorities
Store a certificate authority certificate
Store the encrypted database password in a stash file


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