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Silent installation


Silent installation useful for installing Worklight on a machine where a GUI is not available through...

Use Installation Manager in user interface mode to record preferences and installation actions for the response file. Alternatively, create a response file manually.

With a response file you can...

Silent installation applies only to WL server, not to IBM Worklight Studio.

Install WL server silently

  1. On a machine where a GUI is available, record a response file with Installation Manager...

    • In wizard mode
    • With option record responseFile

    Example of a recorded response file:

    <?xml version="1.0" encoding="UTF-8"?>
    <agent-input acceptLicense='true'>
            URLs and absolute file names are accepted. Should point to          
            directories containing a repository.config file. 
        <repository location=''/>
           Declare Installation Manager profile.
           Verify installLocation, if it exists, is empty. 
      <profile id='Worklight' installLocation='/opt/IBM/Worklight'>
            eclipseLocation is not relevant for WL server. 
        <data key='eclipseLocation' value='/opt/IBM/Worklight'/>
        <data key='user.import.profile' value='false'/>
            Characteristics of the target machine.
        <data key='cic.selector.os' value='linux'/>
        <data key='' value='gtk'/>
        <data key='cic.selector.arch' value='x86'/>
        <data key='' value='en'/>
        <!-- Database choice. Possible values are derby, db2, mysql, oracle. -->
        <data key='user.database.selection' value='db2'/>
        <data key='user.database.preinstalled' value='true'/>
            Settings for the database.
            The database user password is obfuscated.
            Make sure that the database driver jar file (including the accompanying
            license file, in the case of DB2) exists on the target machine. 
        <data key='' value=''/>
        <data key='user.database.db2.port' value='50000'/>
        <data key='user.database.db2.username' value='wl5test'/>
        <data key='user.database.db2.password' value='{xyzzy}7284OFD1KRHW8AC13S'/>
        <data key='user.database.db2.driver' value='/n/databases/drivers/db2-10.1/db2jcc4.jar'/>
        <!-- Application server choice. -->
        <data key='user.appserver.selection' value='was85liberty'/>
        <data key='user.appserver.was85liberty.preinstalled' value='false'/>
        <!-- Operating system group that shall be allowed to start the server. -->
        <data key='' value='admin'/>
      <!-- Define what Installation Manager should install. -->
      <install modify='false'>
        <!-- You can omit the 'version' and 'installFixes' attributes. -->
        <offering id='' 
                  features='main.feature' installFixes='none'/>
          The Installation Manager preferences don't need to be transferred to the        
          target machine. 

    Modify the response file to take into account differences between the machine on which the response file was created and the target machine.

  2. Install Worklight using the response file on the target machine

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