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IBM Worklight clusters include...

All cluster nodes are identical. The content of the installation folder is the same in all nodes. For WL servers on VMware, you can create multiple identical copies of the machine image

Cluster nodes do not synchronize with each other at run time. Any shared runtime data is in the database. Database changes made through one node are immediately available to all other nodes. The exception is the customization WAR, which is not held in the database. Each node must own its own copy. To distribute and synchronize the customization WAR, as well as the Worklight Shared library, use WebSphere Application Server Network Deployment clusters.

IBM Worklight caches session state within the server memory. If a WL server is taken offline, active user sessions on that server are lost and the client is asked to log on again. Worklight servers cannot leverage WAS ND shared session caches.

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