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Push notification settings

Use the following GCM and APNS proxy settings for Android and iOS push notification respectively.

Push notification settings

GCM proxy settings Value
push.gcm.proxy.enabled=false Whether Google GCM must be accessed through a proxy. Default is false.
push.gcm.proxy.protocol= http or https. GCM proxy host. Negative value means default port.
push.gcm.proxy.port= GCM proxy port. Use -1 for default port.
push.gcm.proxy.user= Proxy user name, if proxy requires authentication. Empty user name means no authentication.
push.gcm.proxy.password= Proxy password, if proxy requires authentication.

APNS proxy settings Value
push.apns.proxy.enabled Shows whether APNS must be accessed through a proxy. Default is false
push.apns.proxy.type Must be SOCKS APNS proxy host
push.apns.proxy.port APNS proxy port

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