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Worklight Studio - Migrate to a newer version of IBM Worklight

When you open a Worklight project with a newer version of Worklight Studio, the project is automatically updated to this new version. However, there are some parts of your application that require manual updates.

IBM Worklight Core Development

In IBM Worklight V5.0.5, the Embedded environment is now called the Desktop Web App environment. Everything is upgraded automatically, however, the application URL contains the name of the environment, and therefore:

Deprecated environments

With IBM Worklight V5.0.5, the following environments are now deprecated:

Default behavior for connection on startup

The connectOnStartup property in the initOptions.js file now defaults to false, rather than true as in earlier versions.

Applications that do not need to connect to the server when they start might now start more quickly. If your application must connect to the server when it starts, change the value of connectOnStartup.

IBM Worklight Application Center

When migrating from Worklight v5.0.0.3 to v5.0.5, the Derby database for the Application Center is migrated to the new format as part of the installation.

When migrating from v5.0.0.3 to v5.0.5, adapt the security roles and configuration. The application center in V5.0.5 has a new J2EE security role named appcenteruser, which consists of the group of users authorized to use the mobile client.


IBM Worklight is now based on Cordova 2.2, which deprecates cordova.xml and plugins.xml. Cordova replaces these two files with a single config.xml file. You can find config.xml file in...

For example...


A new release of IBM Worklight’s internal tool jQuery version 1.8.1 means that manually upgrade your JavaScript UI libraries, for example jQuery Mobile.


IBM Worklight Studio now ships with Dojo V1.8.1. There is no automated upgrade process available, so make these updates manually.

If you have existing IBM Worklight Dojo projects created with a previous version, IBM recommends migrating the code to the new architecture. This ensures that the code performs more reliably and that the page continues to work when making further changes in RPE, as the new tools insert require() calls into a method called dojoInit().

The layers are not loaded from elements anymore, but instead they are loaded by require() calls inside the wlCommonInit() method. The modules are not loaded from require() calls inside the HTML page, but from require() calls inside the dojoInit() method.

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