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Embed widgets in predefined web pages


If the Worklight Studio internal application server does not run on the default port 8080, set this port as the value of the configuration publicWorkLightPort in...

Otherwise, the action Embed in Web Page does not provide you with the correct URL.

IBM Worklight widgets can be embedded in predefined web pages, such as corporate websites or intranet portals.

Embed a widget in a predefined web page

  1. In the IBM Worklight Catalog in the IBM Worklight Administration Console, locate the widget, and then click...

      Embed in web page

    A window is displayed, which contains the URL of the application to which you point in the website to embed the widget. web page

  2. Paste the URL in an HTML snippet in the web page where you want to embed the widget.
    <iframe src="URL_to_embed" 

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