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Disaster Recovery Site

A disaster recovery site is a second, physically separate IT center on which a copy of the IT systems exists, and is brought online if the original site is down.

Features can include:

The architecture of the backup site is a copy of the original site. Special care must be taken to:

IBM Worklight relies on one single database, so an active-active configuration of master and back-up sites is not encouraged (unless you have the required bandwidth to perform database WAN replication).

For the backup site to work, data on the master site must be mirrored to the backup on a regular basis:

Component Description Mirror frequency
IBM Worklight Database All tables must be mirrored except for report tables and cache tables, which are relatively small in size. Highly dependent on implementation and can range from few minutes to 24 hours. For further details contact software support.
IBM Worklight Software, customization, and content Any change in IBM Worklight software, customization, or content must also be installed on the mirror servers. As it occurs.

When you switch to the backup site, some information might be lost:

Before switching back to the master site, mirror the database back to the master site.

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