1. Advanced group configurations

  2. Add realm support
  3. Update the context pool configuration
  4. cookie.ignore.regex parameter
  5. Create the entity type
  6. Delete the base entry
  7. Delete the LDAP group member
  8. Delete the realm base entry
  9. Delete the realm
  10. Delete the repository
  11. Delete the user registry configurations
  12. Delete the LDAP entity type
  13. Expiry time
  14. Change from a stand-alone repository to a federated repository
  15. Restore the VMM setup with a federated file repository
  16. Caching
  17. Update an entity type
  18. Update the base entry
  19. Update the database user registry
  20. Update a group member
  21. Update the federated LDAP user registry
  22. Update the realm configuration
  23. Update the user registry
  24. Cache