Access Web-based help content

With some products, you can access, download, and update help content from the Web. Access to Web-based help content provides you with the latest content that is available for product.

If product offers help content on the Web, only a limited number of help topics are installed with RPTv8. By default, product connects to the Web and accesses help content directly from an infocenter. If you need to access the help when you are not connected to the Internet, you can download the help and access it locally, or you can connect to an infocenter on an intranet server if system administrator has made one available to you.

See the installation guide to find out if product supports Web-based help content.

The following three options are available during the installation process, but can be changed at any time:

Whether you access Web-based help content, download and use help content locally, or connect to intranet to get help, click Help > Help content to open help topics and find solutions.

To change the way that products access help content, see the installation topics for product for detailed instructions.