IBM Rational Functional Tester
Version 8.1.1000
IBM Rational Functional Tester API Reference

Project Version 2.3

Package com.rational.test.ft

Interface Summary
IAutomaticRetry This is a marker interface to indicate to try again to find and invoke the method that threw the exception.
IRationalThrowable Implemented by RationalTestError and RationalTestException.

Class Summary
FtLog This class can be used to open the RQM zipped log.
FtTptpRunner Initial entry point for Hyades/TPTP script playback.
rational_ft Command-line interface for Functional Test.
RationalFtClassLoader This class loader is given a path when constructed, and it knows to load classes on that path.

Exception Summary
AmbiguousRecognitionException Thrown by the object manager when during object find multiple objects are within the recognition threshold.
ApplicationFrameworkException Thrown when the .NET infestation engine cannot infest that application because it is a v1.03705 application and it does not have a config that causes the assemblies used to be from one version or the other.
BadArgumentException Thrown when a method is called with a bad argument.
CookieNotFoundException Thrown when calling deleteCookies and the cookie to delete could not be found.
CoordinateOffScreenException Thrown when the user tries to click on a point that is off the screen.
CoordinateOnWrongObjectException Thrown when a coordinate-based click on an object clicks on the wrong object.
CoordinateOnWrongSubitemException Thrown when a coordinate-based click on a subitem clicks on the wrong subitem.
DatapoolException Base class for datapool-related exceptions.
IllegalAccessException Thrown when attempting to call a method that is not accessible, or when trying to construct an object whose class is not accessible.
InvalidSignatureException Thrown when a method signature is invalid.
InvalidSubitemException Thrown when a subitem is not supported for the proxy.
InvalidTestDataTypeException Thrown when a request for test data cannot be completed because the requested data type is not available for the particular TestObject.
InvalidTestObjectException Thrown when a TestObject method is being invoked and the ProxyTestObject refers to an object that is no longer valid.
InvalidWindowHandleException Thrown when the .NET infestation engine is not able to finish hooking the process.
InvocationTargetException Thrown after another exception is caught when invoking a method.
MethodNotFoundException Thrown when a method is not found.
NestedException Wraps another exception.
NoSuchRegistryKeyException Thrown when calling getRegistryValue or getRegistryIntValue with a registry key that does not exist.
NotSupportedOnUnixException Raised by the UNIX-specific native recording methods.
NotYetAbleToPerformActionException Raised when a requested action cannot be performed for a specified reason.
ObjectIsDisposedException Thrown when a attempting to use a TestObject and the underlying object in the software under test (SUT) has been disposed.
ObjectNotFoundException Thrown when an object is not found.
ObjectNotInMapException Thrown when looking up an object that cannot be found in the object map.
ObjectNotVisibleException Thrown when looking up an object that cannot be visble in the AUT.
PropertyAccessException Thrown when accessing a property value that causes an exception.
PropertyNotFoundException Thrown when a property is not found.
RationalTestException The base class for all exceptions used by the product.
RationalTestRemoteException Thrown when an error occurs using the internal queued message facility.
RecorderException This exception is thrown by the recorder if an error occurs starting or stopping the recorder.
StringNotInCodePageException Thrown when trying to pass a Unicode character to the operating system when the operating system does not have that character in the current code page, for example, when starting applications.
SubitemNotFoundException Thrown when a subitem is not found.
TargetGoneException Thrown when a message is sent to a target object and the target disappears.
TestObjectMethodEventException Thrown when problems are encountered in event handling that are associated with a TestObject method invocation.
UnableToAccomplishAllHooksException Thrown when the .NET infestation engine is not able to finish hooking all processes that it was given to hook.
UnableToDeleteCookieException Thrown when unsuccessfully trying to delete a browser cookie by using the deleteCookies method.
UnableToHookException Thrown when the .NET infestation engine is not able to finish hooking the process.
UnableToPerformActionException Raised when a requested action cannot be performed for a specified reason.
UnregisteredObjectException Thrown when a TestObject method is called on an unregistered object.
UnsupportedActionException Thrown when a specified action is not supported by the object.
UnsupportedAnchorException Thrown when a TestObject is anchored by another TestObject that is unrelated to it.
UnsupportedMethodException Thrown when a method is found but not supported.
UnsupportedSubitemException Thrown when a specified subitem is not supported by the object, for example, if a cell subitem is passed to a list.
WindowActivateFailedException Thrown when an attempt to activate a window failed.
WindowHandleNotFoundException Thrown when the .NET infestation engine cannot find the window used to perform the hook.
WrappedException Wraps another exception or error as a RationalTestException.

Error Summary
RationalTestError The base class for all test Errors.
SwitchToManualModeError Thrown to switch to Manual mode.
UserStoppedScriptError Thrown when the stop-execution hotkey is pressed by the user, or when the script calls a Stop method.