Update help content

You can use the Local Help System updater to update local help content without restarting your product. If an Internet connection is available, the local help content is automatically updated each time your start your product.

Before you begin

Before you can update local help content, initially download the help content for your product from the Local Help System Updater Web site. See Downloading help content from the Local Help System Updater site for downloading help content. An Internet connection is required.

Updates are automatically installed each time you start the product, if you have an Internet connection. If you want to update the help without restarting the product, follow these steps.


  1. Close the product help system window.

  2. Open the Local Help System Updater by selecting Help > Local Help Updater. The Updater site opens in a separate browser window.

  3. Click the Installed Features tab.

  4. Click Search for Updates If updates to the content you have installed are available, they are installed to your help system. A progress bar indicates the status of the request.

  5. When the update is completed, open the help in the product by selecting Help > Help Contents.