Downloading help content from the Local Help System Updater site

This file explains how to download help content from the Local Help System Updater site. Most help content is not installed when you install your product. To access all help content locally, you need download it from the IBM Local Help System Updater Web site.

Before you begin

During installation, the help access option, Download help and access the content locally, was selected. Before using the help for the product, you have to download the help to your local system. If you the help system window is open, close it before you start the following procedure.

To download the help content from the Local Help System Updater site:


  1. With your product open, click Help > Local Help Updater. The Updater site opens in a separate browser window.

  2. On the Public Sites page, select the URL of the help to download.

  3. The Available Features list will be populated with a list of the help that is available for download. Depending on your network connection speed, this might take a few minutes. Select the help content that you need.

  4. Click Install. The help content is downloaded and installed. A progress bar opens and tracks the status of the download.

  5. When the download is completed, open the help in the product by selecting Help > Help Contents.


The help that you selected is installed on your system. The files will be updated automatically each time you start the application and an Internet connection is available.