Screen snapshot on playback failure of functional tests

If playback of a script causes a RFT exception to be thrown, Functional Tester takes a screen snapshot at the time of the failure. The screen snapshot is accessible through the log.

This feature is not supported for the TestManager log type.

Accessing the screen snapshot in an HTML log type

HTML is the preferred log type to access the screen snapshot.

Select HTML as the log type in the Logging Preferences Page in RFT Java or the Logging Options Page in RFT .Net.

After playback fails the log opens in your browser.

  1. Find the screen snapshot image near the bottom of the log.

    • Click on the image or link to view full size.

    • Right click to save, print, or e-mail the JPEG image.

Taking a screen snapshot with scripting

RootTestObject exposes a getScreenSnapshot method that will return a snapshot of the screen. GuiTestObject exposes the same method, but only captures the portion of the screen rendering the TestObject. LogInfo, LogError, and LogWarning all have overloads that will take a snapshot and add it to the log.

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