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Multiple profile support

IBM WebSphere Portal uses profiles to represent the application server configuration, including...

Multiple profiles allow multiple independent portal instances running from the same installation binaries.

Profile types...

Search Collection with multiple profiles

We cannot share search collections between multiple profiles.

Before federating, delete all search collections, including the default search collections. We can back up and restore the collections on the original profile, or we can use export and import steps...

  1. Export the existing search collections.

  2. Remove the existing search collections.

  3. If you installed portal as a non-root user, to set permissions...

      chmod -R g+rwx /portal_server_root

  4. Capture the portal configuration using either of the following configuration tasks...

    • enable-profiles
    • replace-profiles

  5. Import the saved search collections on the original profile.

  6. Create new profiles using the profile templates; default search collections will be automatically created in the new profile.

  7. Restore permissions....

      chmod -R g+rx /portal_server_root

To share search collections between multiple Portal server instances, such as in a clustered or farm environments, configure a remote search server.

Maintenance with multiple clusters

During maintenance application to a cluster, the entire cluster should be taken out of service, so that cluster-wide changes can take effect without affecting user traffic or potentially causing synchronization conflicts between cell managed resources, like enterprise applications and portlets, and the product binary files in the local file system.

For a continuous availability environment, multiple clusters might be necessary, to allow traffic to continue to one cluster while another is being serviced.

Apply maintenance to product binaries and to each profile instance. Update both at the same time to keep them in sync and avoid conflicts. IBM recommends that if profiles share the same binary files, they should belong to the same cluster.

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