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Portal V6.1.x on application server V7: Preparing the source environment

Pre-migration tasks include preparing the source portal to migrate and setting up the new portal. If the two portals are located on different servers, you will also need to assemble some additional, supplementary files. If we are using localhost in the database URL for any of the database domains or for VMM Lookaside, update the URL to use the actual database server host name before continuing with migration.

  1. Back up the system
  2. Disable automatic synchronization on all nodes in the cluster
  3. Install fixpacks
  4. Verify property files
  5. WCM specific steps
  6. Optional: Prepare DB2 for large data sets migration
  7. Remove obsolete portlets from virtual portal scripts

Parent: Migrate from WebSphere Portal V6.1.x on a V7 application server