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Portal V6.1.x on application server V7: Prepare DB2 for large data sets migration

If we are using DB2 and have a large amount of content in the JCR repository (WCM data), IBM recommends that you prepare DB2 for migration by updating several settings related to performance.

After migration completes successfully, we can revert any changes back to the values in use before migration.

  1. Update database lock list size to at least 10000.
  2. Disable all automatic maintenance on the database, including health monitoring.
  3. Increase package cache size to at least 24000.
  4. Increase statistics heap size to at least 16384.
  5. Perform a complete reorganization of the tables and indexes on the database to be migrated.
  6. For efficient DB optimizer access plans, collect detailed statistics with distribution for all tables and indexes

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