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Uninstall manually on AIX

If the uninstallation program is not present or a stopped installation did not create a complete and functional uninstallation program, we can manually uninstall IBM WebSphere Portal.

Manually uninstall WebSphere Portal

  1. Log on as the root user

  2. Stop the servers:

      cd WP_PROFILE/bin
      ./stopServer.sh WebSphere_Portal -username wpadmin -password foo

      cd WAS_HOME/bin
      ./stopServer.sh server1 -profileName cw_profile -username wpadmin -password foo

  3. Verify there are no other installations or uninstallations running.

  4. Uninstall WAS; if you need to manually uninstall it, refer to Uninstall manually.

  5. Delete the PORTAL_HOME directory tree and the WP_PROFILE directory tree.

  6. Optional: After uninstalling WebSphere Portal and WAS, we can also delete Installation Manager...

      cd ibm/InstallationManager/uninstall

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