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Prepare to uninstall a single server on AIX

Before uninstalling IBM WebSphere Portal, prepare the system; for example, adding passwords to the properties files and keeping or discarding database information.

Prepare for uninstallation:

  1. Optional: Make a backup of the WebSphere Portal configuration using xmlaccess.sh.

    Important: The following information is not backed up and is deleted if you delete the database:

  2. Add passwords to the wkplc.properties, wkplc_dbdomain.properties, and wkplc_dbtype.properties files, located in...


    ...or specify passwords on the command line.

  3. Decide whether to keep the database as is to preserve WebSphere Portal information or complete the following steps to remove the information from the database:

    You cannot use the database information with subsequent installations although we can still access the information through the database software. Also, if you keep the information, we can always delete the WebSphere Portal databases and database tables later using the database software.

    1. Run...

        ./stopServer.sh WebSphere_Portal -username wpadmin -password foo

    2. Run...

        cd WAS_HOME/bin
        ./stopServer.sh server1 -profileName cw_profile -username wpadmin -password foo

    3. Remove all database tables...

        ./ConfigEngine.sh remove-schema -DWasPassword=foo -Drelease.DbPassword=foo -Dcustomization.DbPassword=foo -Dcommunity.DbPassword=foo -Djcr.DbPassword=foo -Dfeedback.DbPassword=foo -Dlikeminds.DbPassword=foo

      Some tables may remain in the IBM Java Content Repository database. Removing the database will remove these tables.

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