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Create the WebSphere Portal profile template on AIX in a clustered environment

After installing the primary node and configuring the remote database, we can create the configuration archive (CAR) file used to create additional portal profiles.

Create the WebSphere Portal profile template

  1. If you installed portal as a non-root user, modify permissions for the Portal Server directory...

      chmod -R u+rwx PORTAL_HOME/

  2. On the primary node of the cluster, run...

      ./ConfigEngine.sh enable-profiles -DWasPassword=foo

    ...to create configuration archive file...


    If we configured a remote database with Type 4 drivers under...


    ...they are included in the CAR file created when running enable-profiles.

  3. Create...


    ...by running

      ./ConfigEngine.sh package-profiles -DWasPassword=foo

  4. Restore the non-root permissions...

    chmod -R u+rx PORTAL_HOME/

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