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Create a static cluster on AIX

After installing IBM WebSphere Portal on the primary node, configuring a remote database, and preparing the primary node to communicate with the dmgr, we can create the static cluster to handle failover requests.

Create the cluster

  1. Run cluster node configuration task...

      ./ConfigEngine.sh cluster-node-config-post-federation -DWasPassword=dmgr_password

  2. If the admin user ID and group name are different in the WebSphere Portal and dmgr configurations, choose one of the following options depending on the security policies:

    • Add the existing admin user ID and group to the dmgr security configuration
    • To change the values in the WebSphere Portal configuration to match the dmgr values:

    If the dmgr cell is using a stand-alone LDAP user registry, complete these steps after the cluster-node-config-cluster-setup (static cluster) or cluster-node-config-dynamic-cluster-setup (dynamic cluster) task completes.

    1. Start the WebSphere_Portal server.

    2. Verify the required WebSphere Portal admin user ID and group ID are defined in the dmgr user registry that provides security for the cell.

    3. Run...

      cd WP_PROFILE/ConfigEngine  
      ./ConfigEngine.sh wp-change-portal-admin-user  \
                        -DWasPassword=foo  \
                        -DnewAdminId=newadminid  \
                        -DnewAdminPw=newpassword  \


      WasPassword administrative password for the dmgr cell
      newAdminId fully qualified DN of the WebSphere Portal admin user ID in the cell
      newAdminGroupId fully qualified DN of the group for the WebSphere Portal admin user ID in the cell

      If the value for newAdminGroupId contains a space; for example Software Group, edit wkplc.properties file and add the values for newAdminId, newAdminPw, and newAdminGroupId.

      Save the changes and then run...

        ./ConfigEngine.sh wp-change-portal-admin-user -DWasPassword=dmgr_password

    4. After the task completes, stop the WebSphere_Portal server.

  3. Run...

      ./ConfigEngine.sh cluster-node-config-cluster-setup -DWasPassword=dmgr_password

  4. If you entered passwords in any of the properties files while creating the cluster, you should remove them for security purposes.

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