Configure the primary node to communicate with the deployment manager on Windows



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After installing IBM WAS Network Deployment and installing WebSphere Portal on the primary node, configure the primary node and the deployment manager to communicate with each other.


Install WebSphere Portal on Windows on the primary node
Set up a remote database


Collect files from the primary node and copy them to the deployment manager:

  1. On the primary node, to create an archive or compressed file containing all the files which need to be copied to the Deployment Manager.

      cd profile_root/ConfigEngine
      ./ConfigEngine.bat collect-files-for-dmgr -DWasPassword=wpsadmin

    The archive or compressed file will be placed in...


    ...and the file will be called

  2. Stop the deployment manager.

  3. Expand the file into the installation root directory of the Deployment Manager; for example in...


    If the Deployment Manager profile was not created in the default AppServer/profiles/Dmgr01 directory, then the metadata_wkplc.xml file, located in...

      AppServer/profiles/Dmgr01/config/.repository/metadata_wkplc.xml the zip file, must be placed into the correct Deployment Manager profile directory.

  4. Start the deployment manager.

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