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For high availability, using a remote database is preferred. For improved performance databases can be distributed across multiple database servers. Databases should also be configured for failover. Configuring the database for failover is beyond the scope of this documentation. Refer to the database product documentation for the most authoritative guidance about setting up databases for fail over.

Password considerations when transferring data manually

For security reasons, you should not store passwords in the and Edit each of the properties files prior to running a configuration task, inserting the passwords needed for that task. After the task has run, delete all passwords from each file. For more information, see Deleting passwords from configuration scripts.

To specify the password on the command line....

As with other properties, each password property must have the -D prefix and be set equal to (=) a value. If you have multiple properties in a single command, use a space character between each -Dproperty=value setting.


Install WebSphere Portal on Windows on the primary node
Technotes for database connectivity issues


  1. Configure portal to use DB2
  2. Configure portal to use DB2 for z/OS
  3. Configure portal to use Oracle
  4. Configure portal to use Oracle RAC
  5. Configure portal to use SQL Server
  6. Verify databases

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