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  1. Before installing DB2, log in with a user ID that has the following administrative specs...

    • Belong to the local Administrator group
    • Act as part of the operating system
    • Have permissions to create a token object
    • Windows 2003 only: Have permissions to adjust memory quotas for a process
    • Have permissions to replace a process level token

    For the first two specifications

      Start | Programs | Administrative Tools | Computer Management | Local Users and Groups

    For the last four specifications

      Start | Programs | Administrative Tools | Local Security Policy | Local Policies | User Rights Assignment

  2. For Type 2 drivers, install DB2 Connect on the same system as WebSphere Portal with the same name as the server profile name.

  3. Install DB2 following the instructions provided with the DB2 documentation.

    The DB2 installation program automatically creates a DB2 administrative user with the correct operating system rights.

  4. For a remote database, configure the DB2 Connect client...

    ...where hostname is the host name of WebSphere Portal.

    Because the default for spm_name is the hostname itself, specifying the hostname parameter is optional.

    If your hostname is more than eight characters, use empty double quotes (" ").

    For example...

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