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Prerequistie: Install DB2

For all databases, use one user with administrative rights on the operating system and the DB2 installation.

This user can be the database administrative user that is created automatically by the DB2 installation program. This user is the database configuration user that will be used for configuration tasks: creating database tables and performing database transfer. If you choose to have WebSphere Portal also create the databases, the database user should be given SYSADM rights.

Common user names created by DB2 on installation are...

You can assign any user name as long as it has administrative access and follows the limitations listed here.

Do not change the user name after creating it.

The limitations on user names are:

Basic steps to create new users and grant privileges...

  1. From the DB2 Control Center, expand the object tree until you find the DB Users folder.

  2. Right-click the DB Users folder and select Create/Add.

  3. In the User name field, type a user ID.

  4. Assign an authority for the user. Select Database Administrator Authority.

  5. Click OK.

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