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NeoLoad Web

The NeoLoad Web panel allows you to configure the connection settings between NeoLoad and NeoLoad Web.

Activate data transfer to NeoLoad Web
Check this option to be able to send the data related to your projects designed in NeoLoad from NeoLoad to NeoLoad Web.
You still have the possibility to choose on a case-by-case basis which test result you want to send to NeoLoad Web when you start a test.

The Access token group box enables you to copy and get a token.
Token-based authentication secures an application based on access tokens that you can generate to enable other users to log in to the application. This way, you can give access to partners without exposing your password. You can change your password without updating your access tokens and delete the tokens you don't need any longer without having to change your password.

The Proxy group box enables to select the proxy you want to use to connect to NeoLoad Web in HTTP or HTTPS mode.
See Proxy.

In the Check connection group box, use the Test button to check the connection (server configuration, authentication information, proxy settings if any, repository if any).
Warning: Testing a connection does not save the configuration. Do not forget to Apply the changes after completing the test.

The Account consumption group box displays information about the levels of license consumption of your Neotys Account.

License consumption is linked to an Account, which means that it is common to all members of the same Account.

License consumption is based in hours and is displayed in percentage.

It is split up into two distinct criteria: