Availability roadmap


In today's fast-paced Internet environment, it is crucial that your data and applications be available to you when you need them. If your customers cannot access your Web site because your system is down, they might go to your competitors instead.

Availability is the measure of how often your data and applications are ready for you to access when you need them. Different companies have different availability needs. Different systems or different applications within the same company might have different availability needs. The purpose of this topic is to guide you through the world of System i™ availability and help you decide which availability tools are right for your business. It is important to note that availability requires detailed planning. These availability tools are only useful if you have implemented them before an outage occurs.

Before you can really start to plan for availability on your system, you should become familiar with the basic availability concepts, understand the costs and risk associated with outages, and determine your company's needs for availability. After you have a basic understanding of availability concepts and know what level of availability you need, you can start to plan for that level of availability on a single system or on multiple systems within a cluster environment.