System values


System values are pieces of information that affect the system operating environment. System values are not objects on the system. Rather, system values contain control information for the operation of certain parts of the system.

You can use system values to change the system in order to define the working environment. For example, system date, library list, international characteristics, and certain security features are all set by system values.

You can manage system values using iSeries™ Navigator or the character-based interface. The image you see shows the location of the system values function in iSeries Navigator. Follow the highlighted path to access system values. After you select System Values, you may select one of the categories of system values.

To change system values, you need to have use (*USE) authority to the Change System Values (CHGSYSVAL) command. In addition, some system values require a special authority. If special authorities are needed, they are noted in the system value topics that follow. To learn more about system values, refer to any of the following topics:

You can manage system values using iSeries Navigator tasks on the Web. This allows you to work with system values using a Web browser. Not only can you work with the system values function of iSeries Navigator, but also the time management function that allows you to work with the time zone (QTIMZON) and time adjustment (QTIMADJ) system values.