Windows environment on iSeries


Windows® environment on iSeries is more of an idea than any one piece of hardware or software. It is a way for iSeries™ servers and Personal Computers (PCs) to work together, and what is more, to allow the iSeries server to control PCs in order to make them easier to administer.

The first part of Windows environment on iSeries is the PC hardware which must be added to the iSeries. There are three basic ways of doing this.

The second part is the IBM i5/OS option 29 (5722–SS1) which is installed on the iSeries server to give it the capability to control PCs. These PCs are then called integrated Windows servers.

Finally, it is necessary to install Microsoft's Windows 2000 Server or Windows Server 2003 software.

This document is divided into the following sections

What's new for V5R4
Changes and improvements made this release.

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Understand the Windows environment on iSeries solution.

Install and configure Windows environment on iSeries
Follow these instructions to install a new integrated Windows server from scratch.

Manage virtual Ethernet and external networks
Learn how to use the three different types of networks available to integrated servers.

Administer connections to iSCSI attached servers
Configure iSeries to connect to xSeries or IBM BladeCenter servers using iSCSI.

Administer integrated Windows servers
Start and stop the server, run integrated server commands remotely, view and change configuration information, and monitor message and error logs.

Manage storage
Information about integrated server hard disks.

Share devices
Use iSeries devices on integrated servers.

Administer integrated Windows server users from i5/OS
Integrate i5/OS® users into the Windows environment.

Back up and recover integrated Windows servers
This section describes ways to back up integrated server files to tape drives or iSeries hard disks.

Uninstall the Windows server operating system from the integrated server hardware
Everything you need to know to remove integrated server software from your system.

Troubleshoot integrated Windows servers
Find answers to common questions.

Network server description configuration files
You can customize your integrated servers by creating your own configuration files.

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