Connecting to iSeries:
iSeries Access for Wireless


The IBM eServer(TM) iSeries Access for Wireless licensed program is the solution for wireless device connectivity. Using the functions of iSeries Access for Wireless, you can use your wireless device to access and administer your servers. It consists of iSeries Navigator for Wireless and IBM Toolbox for Java(TM) 2 Micro Edition services, which can be used individually or together to provide the access you need.

iSeries Navigator for Wireless
The iSeries Navigator for Wireless service provides a user interface for performing some systems management activities from wireless, handheld devices.

IBM Toolbox for Java 2 Micro Edition
Learn how to use this library of Java(TM) classes that provides easy access to data and resources on your server. Using IBM(R) Toolbox for Java, you can more easily access server resources through a Java program running on the server or a client, or a Java applet running in a Java-enabled browser. IBM Toolbox for Java provides easy entry into the Java environment by leveraging applications and data that already exist on your server.