Integrated operating environments


The system supports several operating environments in addition to the i5/OS® operating system. Learn how to integrate Linux®, AIX®, and Windows® operating systems; UNIX® applications; and Domino(R) groupware into your system environment.

AIX on System i
You can run AIX applications in a logical partition (LPAR) on some systems.

Domino is a messaging application, a Web server, middleware, a corporate directory, and more in one integrated package. Domino can change the way your business operates by facilitating collaboration within your company and with other companies. Learn how you can set up and use the Domino server to perform e-mail, workflow-based computing, and data management.

The Linux operating system was originally developed by Linus Torvalds in 1991. It is continuously developed and tested by an open source community that communicates by using the Internet. IBM is a contributing member of the Open Source community. These topics discuss how you can use Linux for your business solutions.

With IBM i5/OS Portable Application Solutions Environment (i5/OS PASE), you can port IBM AIX applications to the IBM System i platform with minimal effort.

Windows environment on iSeries
Learn how to integrate a Windows environment with your System i product and the i5/OS operating system. .