Files and file systems


The files and file systems category provides information about tape files and spooled files. It also documents the capabilities of database file management and the integrated file system of the system.

Database file management
Traditional file management is the part of the operating system that controls the storing and accessing of traditional file objects (*FILE objects in the QSYS.LIB library) on the IBM i5/OS operating system.

Integrated file system
The integrated file system is a part of the i5/OS operating system that supports stream input/output and storage management similar to personal computer and UNIX(R) operating systems, while providing you with an integrating structure over all information stored in the system.

Spooled files
Spooling is a system function that saves data in a spooled file for later processing or printing. Spooled files work in a way similar to tape files or other device files. Spooled files can help you manage your data targeted for externally attached devices, such as a printer.

Tape files
Tape files are device files that provide access to attached tape devices. This topic describes the characteristics and use of tape and device files for application programs, such as storing and accessing data from a tape device. Conceptual information about tape, tape data files, and tape device files can also be found here.