Spooled files


Spooling is a system function that saves data in a spooled file for later processing or printing. Spooled files work in a way similar to tape files or other device files. Spooled files can help you manage your data targeted for externally attached devices, such as a printer.

A spooled file holds output data until it can be printed. The spooled file collects data from a device until a program or device is able to process the data. A program uses a spooled file as if it were reading from or writing to an actual device.

Spooling functions can help system users to manage input and output operations more efficiently. The system supports output spooling and input spooling. Output spooling can be used for printer devices. Input spooling applies to database file input.

At the end of a job, the job log can be written to spooled file QPJOBLOG to be printed. After the job log is written to the spooled file, the job log is deleted.