e-business and Web serving:
Development tools


Read this information to understand e-business development tool offerings. Development tools help you build e-business applications.

iSeries Access for Web
iSeries Access for Web supports print, messages, jobs, 5250 sessions, database, file access, a command line, and user and group customization, all from a Web browser.

WebSphere Development Studio
WebSphere(R) Development Studio is a tool that consolidates e-business development tools into an attractively priced package. It enables solution providers and customers to rapidly, easily, and cost-effectively increase the number of Web-enabled, e-business applications for the server.

WebSphere Development Studio Client
IBM WebSphere(R) Development Studio Client for iSeries(TM) is a tool that inherits the improved Web and Java development capabilities from WebSphere Studio Site Developer that make it easy to create, test, deploy, and maintain sophisticated e-business applications with little Java, Web, or Web-service programming.

WebSphere Host Publisher
WebSphere Host Publisher is a tool that provides the solution for HTML delivery of host information to Web browser users who are unfamiliar with navigating integrated existing applications. It also provides the solution for accessing existing applications from new Web applications and delivers a wide range of options for accelerating the time to market for new Web application projects requiring existing access and integration.

WebSphere Studio Site Developer
WebSphere Studio Site Developer (based on Eclipse technology) is a tool that provides easy entry to the WebSphere Studio experience; an easy to use, productive and comprehensive development environment for building Java(TM), Web, and Web services applications.