See resources for database, SQL, and embedded SQL programming.

Database programming
The database programming topic contains information about the DB2(R) Universal Database(TM) for iSeries(TM) (DB2 UDB for iSeries) database management system, and describes how to set up and use the database on servers using traditional system interfaces.

Distributed database programming
Distributed database programming describes the distributed relational database management portion of the i5/OS(TM) licensed program. Distributed relational database management provides applications with access to data that is external to the application and typically located across a network of computers.

Embedded SQL programming
This topic explains how to create database applications in host languages that use DB2(R) UDB for iSeries SQL statements and functions.

SQL programming
This topic describes the server implementation of the Structured Query Language (SQL) using DB2(R) UDB for iSeries(TM), and the DB2 UDB Query Manager and SQL Development Kit Version 5 licensed program.