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Secure the deployment environment > Tutorial: Integrate WebSphere eXtreme Scale security in a mixed environment with an external authenticator > Module 1: Prepare the mixed WAS and stand-alone environment >

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Lesson 1.2: Configure the WAS environment

To prepare the environment for the tutorial, configure WAS security. Enable administration and application security using internal file-based federated repositories as a user account registry. Then, you can create server clusters to host the client application and container servers. You also must create and start the catalog servers.

The following steps were written using WAS v7.0. However, you can also apply the concepts apply to earlier versions of WAS.

Configure WAS security

Create and augment profiles for the deployment manager and nodes with WebSphere eXtreme Scale. See Install WebSphere eXtreme Scale or WebSphere eXtreme Scale Client with WAS for more information.

Configure WAS security.

  1. In the WAS administrative console, click Security > Global Security.

  2. Select Federated repositories as the User account repository. Click Set as current.

  3. Click Configure.. to go to the Federated repositories panel.

  4. Enter the Primary administrative user name, for example, admin. Click Apply.

  5. When prompted, enter the administrative user password and click OK. Save the changes.

  6. On the Global Security page, verify that Federated repositories setting is set to the current user account registry.

  7. Select the following items: Enable administrative security, Enable application security, and Use Java 2 security to restrict application access to local resources. Click Apply and save the changes.

  8. Restart the deployment manager and any running application servers.
The WAS administrative security is enabled using the internal file-based federated repositories as the user account registry.

Create server clusters

Create two server clusters in the WAS configuration: The appCluster cluster to host the sample application for the tutorial and the xsCluster cluster to host the data grid.

  1. In the WAS administrative console, open the clusters panel. Click Servers > Clusters > WebSphere application server clusters > New.

  2. Type appCluster as the cluster name, leave the Prefer local option selected, and click Next.

  3. Create servers in the cluster. Create a server named s1, keeping the default options. Add an additional cluster member named s2.

  4. Complete the remaining steps in the wizard to create the cluster. Save the changes.

  5. Repeat these steps to create the xsCluster cluster. This cluster has two servers, named xs1 and xs2.

Create a catalog service domain

After configuring the server cluster and security, define where catalog servers start.

Lesson checkpoint

You enabled security in WAS, and created the server topolgy for WebSphere eXtreme Scale.

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