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lc-export - Export application artifacts from Connections 4.x

  1. Perform a full synchronization of all nodes in the cluster where IBM Connections 4.0 or 4.5 is deployed.

  2. The migration tool does not migrate custom fields in Connections configuration files.

  3. The migration tool does not migrate validation.xml.

    This file is needed by the Struts validation framework and is accessed when Connections starts.

    Redefine any customized Profiles fields in validation.xml.

    To ensure the custom fields and files are usable after upgrading. See...

  4. From the v4.0/v4.5 system...

      cd /opt/IBM/Connections/migration
      ./migration.sh lc-export

    lc-export exports...

    lc-export does NOT migrate content stores.

  5. Exported data is stored in...


    Check the log file under $HOME to validate the export...


    For example:


  6. We can reuse the 4.0/4.5 content stores or copy them to your new content store.

  7. Back up the migration directory to a location outside the 4.0/4.5 deployment.

Parent topic:
Upgrade Connections v4.x to Connections v5.0

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