Connections 4.5 install
Numbers and estimates

  • CNX and CCM
  • No Cognos
  • Installation on Windows
  • 1 node Sandbox
  • 2 node Cluster Prod

  • Use AD for authentication (secure)
  • SQL Server for Database
  • SPNEGO Setup
  • SSL Verisign
  • Mobile Setup

Task Time Resource Assumptions
Review Connections release notes 0 Architect
Discovery meetings 16 Architect Complete connections worksheet. Verify system requirements
Configure Windows network shares 2 Architect
Install Installation Manager 2 Architect Dmgr, appserver and webserver hosts
Install IBM WebSphere Application Server 1 Architect
Configure IBM HTTP Server 2 Architect
Install fixes 3 Architect WAS/HTTP/Plugins
Configure Plugin with SSL 2 Architect
Connections pre-installation tasks 2 Architect
Create an administrator for WAS 2 Architect
Specify the global ID attribute for users and groups 1 Architect
Create SQL Server databases 4 Architect
Configure JDBC distributed transaction components for SQL Server 1 Architect
Install Connections 16 Architect
Verify start up 1 Architect
Configure preview guide 8 Architect
Determine required LDAP attributes 8 Architect
Configure Active Directory 8 Architect
Set up federated repositories 2 Architect
Configure search 4 Architect
Add certificates to the WebSphere trust store 2 Architect
Configure the Home page administrator 2 Architect
Populate the Profiles database 4 Architect
Configure the Manager designation in user profiles 2 Architect
Configure Connections Content Manager 16 Architect
Configure the custom ID attribute for users or groups 1 Architect
Configure Moderation 2 Architect
Verify users 1 Architect
Validate business card 1 Architect
Configure theme 2 Architect
SMTP-mail setup 2 Architect
Search schedule 2 Architect
Configure Connections mobile app 20 Architect
Configure SPNEGO 20 Architect
Project Management 40 Project Manager