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Configure SSO capability with ISAM WebSEAL

Either Security Access Manager WebSEAL or ISAM plug-in for web servers can be used as reverse proxy servers to provide access management and single sign-on (SSO) capability to WAS resources. Both authenticate users and forward the collected credentials to WAS in the form of an IV Header. Two types of single sign-on are available, the TAI interface and the TAI++ interface, so named as both use WAS trust association interceptors (TAI).

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Enable SSO to WAS using either WebSEAL or the plug-in for web servers

  1. Verify the WAS builtin embedded TAM is configured for use.

  2. Create a trusted user account for TAM in the shared LDAP user registry.

  3. Configure either WebSEAL or the TAM plug-in for Web servers to work with WAS.

  4. Configure SSO using either the TAI or TAI++ interface.


  • Implement single sign-on to minimize web user authentications
  • WebSEAL setup