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Obtain advice from the advisors

Advisors provide a variety of recommendations that help improve the performance of the application server.

The advisors provide helpful performance as well as diagnostic advice about the state of the application server.

Tune WebSphere Application Server is a critical part of getting the best performance from the website. However, tuning WAS involves analyzing performance data and determining the optimal server configuration. This determination requires considerable knowledge about the various components in the application server and their performance characteristics. The performance advisors encapsulate this knowledge, analyze the performance data, and provide configuration recommendations to improve the application server performance. Therefore, the performance advisors provide a starting point to the application server tuning process and help you without requiring that you become an expert.

The Runtime Performance Advisor is extended to also provide diagnostic advice and is now called the Performance and Diagnostic Advisor. Diagnostic advice provides useful information regarding the state of the application server. Diagnostic advice is especially useful when an application is not functioning as expected, or simply as a means of monitoring the health of application server.