IIP installation package information

Use this panel to review the properties for the currently selected installation package in the integrated installation package (IIP).

This panel is displayed when you click the View Installation Package Information button on the Add installation panel. This panel contains all of the predefined properties for the selected installation package. This panel is informational and is read only. It lists all characteristics of the contribution type selected rather than any specific configurable action required for the contribution itself. File paths and file names must comply with the following guidelines:

Installation package

Name of the installation package.

Package identifier

Contribution ID which uniquely identifies the selected installation package. For example, the contribution ID of WAS, ND 6.1 product is 6.1.0-WS-WASND. The first package added will be 6.1.0-WS-WASND_1. The number generated at the end of this ID may not always be sequential. This field is read only.

Supported platforms

Platforms supported by the selected installation package. These platforms are the same as the list of supported platforms you can find on that product's detailed system requirements web page.

These are platforms that are supported by WAS ND, but not necessarily for the selected product code. For example, if we have selected the Windows IA32 version of the WAS, ND 6.1 product for the WAS, ND package on the previous Add installation packages panel, we cannot install the package on Linux platforms. You must include the Linux version of the WAS, ND code to install that package on a Linux platform.

Supported installation modes

Available installation modes for the selected installation package.

Specifies available installation modes for the selected installation package. Most defined installation packages have silent and interactive modes, in other words, the command-line interface and the installation wizard.

Results values

Specifies various available location parameters for the selected installation package, such as the target installation directory and the logs directory.

Exit codes

Exit codes available for the selected installation package. We can supply user actions for various exit codes later in the Installation package invocation properties panel.

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